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Mod Post: The continuation of Fringeverse.

Hey guys!

It's been a while since the end of the last event and we haven't started a new one because apart from being extremely busy in ICU, I've been tossing up whether to continue or not. The participation level has dropped considerably during the last round, and I don't know if it was lack of interest, or if people were too busy or what.

Most challenges only had 3 or 4 entries in total, and it's disappointing to put so much work into thinking up a challenge and then have hardly anyone enter. It looses it's fun and makes it feel more like work, than something I love and enjoy. I'm going to be doing this pretty much on my own from now on, so I really need to know if you guys are wanting to continue or not.

With Fringe coming to an end, it would be fitting if Fringeverse could also wrap up with just a big a celebration as for the show we love so much. But if it's not meant to be, then I don't want to force it out of you guys.

So comment below and let me know what you are all thinking. I'll leave them screened so feel free to speak freely. Also, if you need to talk about it with your team, then please do so.

Thanks everyone
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Last Word - A Short Story About Love & Episode Discussion

There be spoilers in this post so be WARNED!!!!



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Remember to check the spreadsheet for your points and let me know if there are any errors.

Team Altverse Challenge: Mini bang

Mission: Do a mini bang based on your own team's theme

Deadline: Wednesday March 21st 11pm

-Just like a big bang but on a much smaller scale and work within you theme given.
-Team Massive Dynamic your theme is Massive Dynamic. Use only character, images, ect to complete the mini bang.
-Team Ourverse your theme is OurVerse. Use only character,images, ect to complete the mini bang.
-Post in your team thread

Maximum of 20 points available

2 points per icon or 100 words
4 points per pic spam (4 images at least)
6 points per gif or header
8 points Wallpaper
10 points for fanmix (6 songs plus front and backcovers. You may link the song on youtube) 45sec teaser video

1 point for sig tag
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Results - Challenge 14: Bad Boy, Bad Girl

Who were our favorite new villains?! Did they strike a chord with you? Let's find out!

And the winners are.....

1st Place: pwincess Team Massive Dynamic (Villain #6)
2nd Place: mysticxf Team OurVerse (Villain #5)
3rd Place: chuck_charles Team AltVerse (Villain #4)

Congratulations to Team Massive Dynamic for earning the most points in this challenge.

Team AltVerse - 157
Team Massive Dynamic - 208
Team OurVerse - 198

Remember to check the spreadsheet for your points and let me know if there are any errors.
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Challenge 17: Last Word - The End Of All Things

I'm posting this now so I don't forget cause I start in ICU tomorrow, so my brain is going to be overloaded and a pile of goo this week!!!

This is the last episode before a 3 week hellatus and it promises to be epic beyond belief and answer some questions we have all had for the better part of 4 years!

What to do: Guess who will say the last word in 4x14 - The End Of All Things, airing Friday 24th February.

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5 points for commenting with your guess
20 more if you get it right!
1 point for your sig tag!

Due date: Friday 24th February 9PM NY Time
Olivia Jacksonville/OT1

Challenge 16: Mad Libs

Time for something fun, easy and lighthearted!!

(Thanks to chuck_charles for the suggestion, as well as Sheldon's Physics mad libs from last week :D )

What to do:
- Fill in the answers to the prompts below
- They will be used to create our mad libs!
- You must answer them all or your entry will not count
- What is a mad lib? -
- Submit to your team thread

- 15 points for filling out the form.
- 1 point for your sigtag.

Due Date: Sunday 26th February 11PM NY Time